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General Game Rules

  1. All players must use the league sanctioned savefile to start each race, NO EXCEPTIONS.
  2. Players must race as Isaac.
  3. Each match is a Best of 3 format, with the goal of each game being to be the first to Womb 2 (kill Mom's Heart).
  4. Resets are allowed at any time during a game.
  5. Loading screen errors, while frustrating, are considered a part of the game. "Sorry, Flash sucks." -Crumps

Banned Items

During gameplay, players will not be allowed to collect any of the following items:

  • Bible
  • Shovel
  • Epic Fetus
  • Dr. Fetus
  • Dead Sea Scrolls
  • Ipecac
  • D6*

If you pick up a banned item, you will be required to reset your game, even if you leave the item behind.

*The D6

  • Should a Devil Deal/Curse room have two items, the D6 may be used to reroll a banned item. If the rerolled item is not on the banned list, the item must be taken or left, not rerolled.
  • Players are allowed to use the D6 to reroll Toothpicks due to its status as a 'Dead item', aka having no use.