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General Game Rules

  1. All players must use the league sanctioned savefile to start each race, NO EXCEPTIONS.
  2. Players must race as Isaac.
  3. Each match is a Best of 3 format, with the goal of each game being to be the first to Womb 2 (kill Mom's Heart).
  4. Resets are allowed at any time during a game.
  5. Loading screen errors, while frustrating, are considered a part of the game. "Sorry, Flash sucks." -Crumps

Banned Items

During gameplay, players will not be allowed to collect any of the following items:

  • Bible
  • Shovel
  • Epic Fetus
  • Dr. Fetus
  • Dead Sea Scrolls
  • Ipecac
  • D6*

If you pick up a banned item, you will be required to reset your game, even if you leave the item behind.

*The D6

  • Should a Devil Deal/Curse room have two items, the D6 may be used to reroll a banned item. If the rerolled item is not on the banned list, the item must be taken or left, not rerolled.
  • Players are allowed to use the D6 to reroll Toothpicks due to its status as a 'Dead item', aka having no use.


Toothpicks are considered a 'dead' item due to their unique status as being completely useless, and to some racers, an actual handicap due to their effect on shot speed. As such, it is classified as a 'banned' item for the purpose of allowing them to be rerolled by the D6. However, players *can* pick Toothpicks up should they choose.


As a general rule, glitches that are able to be exploited without risk to the player are considered off limits, and using one will result in an immediate reset of the run.

Allowed glitches

Players may attempt to avoid damage when using the Kamikaze item by exploiting a glitch that makes the player invulnerable when hugging the wall. Due to the high risk involved with this glitch due to the high margin of error (and the consistent failure rate of BOILeR participants to successfuly use it), this remains allowed.

Exceptions: You cannot glitch-open doors for free (taking no damage) AND still use them. If you are accidentally pushed through the door, you must go back and clear room you were removed from before proceeding. In the case of secret doors, you must use up a bomb if you open a secret room or door with no damage if you intend to use it.

Using the IV Bag to walk quickly back and forth between rooms to spawn coins is allowed, due to the additional time needed to exploit the bug.
BOILeR regards this as a proper game mechanic and benefit of invincibility, and its usage is allowed.
Players are allowed to pause at the onset of a challenge room in order to cause all waves to spawn at once. If you really wanna fight that many enemies at once, that's your business.
Due to the inherent risk and time spent in the process, players may cause a boss to respawn and fight them a second time should they choose.
This requires incredibly precise timing and can potentially kill the player. Allowed!

Banned Glitches

Mashing the fire button in order to trigger multiple hits while using Brimstone, even unintentionally, is prohibited.
Using the Pony item results in the player remaining invincible as long as they do not charge. This is not allowed, the player must charge immediately upon use.
Players may not pause while using the High Priestess in order to trigger multiple uses. They are also not allowed to use the card to stomp you into a Devil Deal/Angel Room.
If you shouldn't be able to bomb out of a room normally, then you can't in BOILeR.
Our one exception to the invincibility rule quoted above. The devil should get what's due!
If this happens accidentally, re-enter the room and clear the room after the new one.